Shades Of Gold

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June 29, 2023 at 11:32:00 AM PDT June 29, 2023 at 11:32:00 AM PDTth, June 29, 2023 at 11:32:00 AM PDT

Download a full list of Momo Handle ranges with matching gold finishes, click here!

Brass & gold finishes continue to be a popular choice for fittings within Australia’s stylish interiors. As this trend has grown, more suppliers have offered a wider range of styles and products in a gold finish, allowing homeowners to add a touch of luxury to their projects that exemplifies their own style within their interior settings. Momo Handles currently has over 30 cabinet handle ranges that offer gold as a colour option.

All colours take on cooler or warmer tones and gold is no exception, with a cooler gold displaying a pale yellow, greenish hue and the warmer gold being more orange, right through to almost brown. Also, adding a gold finish to certain materials and textures can also alter its colour.

For example, our cabinet handles featuring ribbed or knurled textures don’t reflect as much light and therefore take on a darker shade of gold than the same finish on a flat surface.

With this variance in the appearance of gold, we've compiled a list of our handle ranges that have matching gold finishes. With transitional styling becoming more widely accepted, there really are no rules when creating a space. Your designs become an extension of yourself. So, whether you want to inject your own style by mix and matching handle ranges within an interior setting or ensure that you have a consistent finish on the handles used in your kitchen, vanity, or office space, you’ll have the confidence to select the ranges with the same matching gold finish to achieve this.

In this article are the Momo Handles 4 top handle range matches that have the
same gold finish and our suggestions on how these could be used together:

Barrington & Barrington Eclipse Ribbed in Matt Brass

This may seem like an obvious pairing due to the name, but it is the ribbed version of the Eclipse that we want to draw attention to and best matches the Barrington range. The ribbed texture changes the shade of the brass finish making it a darker gold than that of the plain finish.

We like the idea of the full Barrington range throughout the kitchen including the knob, bar and cup pull. Then use the Barrington Eclipse ribbed handles across other cabinetry within the house such as TV units and bathroom vanities. The matching gold and ribbed texture will ensure the desired consistency throughout the house.


Nick pull handle & Ball Knob in Brushed Matt Brass

The rounded lines of the Nick pair nicely with the round shape of the Ball knob, both ranges have a slight brushed finish, and the cool gold colouring reflects the light with an alluring sheen. We suggest using the Nick across the lower kitchen cabinetry and the ball on above bench cabinetry.

Noma lip pull & Flapp Pull in Brushed Dark Brass

A sleek pairing of handles designed with curved edges and a brushed metallic texture. Use the Noma handles on your drawers and Flapp handles on the doors within your kitchen. Both handle ranges come in varying sizes to use depending on the drawer & door size, with the Flapp available in a 1100mm length perfectly suited to pantry doors and the Noma could be pulled through to feature on your bathroom vanity drawers.



Fold and Floid in
Brushed Gold

A more daring match for someone who is looking to make a bold statement! The curved lip of the Fold handle ties in beautifully with the curved angle coming down to Floid’s flared foot. Both designs are a modern take on a traditional style and the Floid’s knob has a reflective flat surface that matches the back wall of the Fold’s recessed handle.