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November 6, 2023 at 11:54:06 AM PST November 6, 2023 at 11:54:06 AM PSTth, November 6, 2023 at 11:54:06 AM PST

The Momo Inspirations series shines the spotlight on a range of designers using Momo Handles in their projects. We find out you where they draw their inspiration from for designs and product choices, as well as showcase to the world the unique projects they have brought to life for their clients.

Today we take a look at a newly finished home project completed by Scott and Sharon from Mill Design & Joinery.

We are here filming at Sharon’s newly finished home, tell us the background behind the project?

The brief for this home was looking for clean lines with individual features to make the project pop in a subtle way.

What are the highlighting features in this project and the handles you’ve used?

Momo Handles 'Brave' in matt black in were used to give a flow effect throughout the home. The large, ribbed Momo 'Barrington Eclipse' was used on the bathroom vanities to complement the texture used in the herringbone patterned vanity panels.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

The Client’s needs are the first point of inspiration. This is their dream that we are bringing to life.

What are the top kitchen styles your clients are asking for?

Hamptons Style with white tones and shaker doors. The Momo Handles New Hampton range suits this perfectly with its variety of styles and colour. As a company the most popular handle we buy is the New Hampton range.

What are the top 3 emerging trends we will see across 2022?

1. Vanities to the floor not floating.
2. Storage is a premium no matter what room in the house.
3. Flat doors without trim as they are easier to maintain, however shaker doors are here to stay.

Would you base your overall design / styling around a specific kitchen handle or are handles an afterthought?

Handles are never an after thought and they are always included in the overall design. It really depends on the client as to what stage they are finalised.

Do you and your clients prefer using a consistent handle finish throughout all joinery in the home or does this vary depending on the room?

Absolutely depends on the client, but generally if you’re replacing a kitchen then the handles are consistent. If you’re working with a whole house, then I think you have more options.

Do you have a preference for handle material/finishes?

I think that the Momo Handle range has so many beautiful handles you are able to swap and choose a variety of different ranges and still achieve remarkable results.

What sets the Momo handles range apart from other brands in the market?

Our sales rep is a big factor! Momo also provide excellent product knowledge and customer service as well as exceptional delivery and an outstanding product.

A big thank you to Scott and Sharon from Mill Design & Joinery for taking part in our Momo Inspirations series. Follow Mill Design & Joinery on Instagram @milldesignandjoinery to stay up to date with completed projects or get in touch through

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