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July 14, 2023 at 10:00:00 AM PDT July 14, 2023 at 10:00:00 AM PDTth, July 14, 2023 at 10:00:00 AM PDT

Meet our Mood Board Competition winner for May, Rita Slomp. Rita, owner of VIDA design studio, discusses her autumn-inspired mood board for a project in Annerley, Brisbane. She also explains how a project for her begins with bringing in the clients unique dreams and personality, and then translating this into colours, textures & styles.

Tell us a bit about the mood board you submitted. Where did you draw your inspiration and was it designed for a specific project?

This mood board was designed for a project I’m working on in Annerley, Brisbane. It is the second project I have done for this family and it’s always so much fun working along with them, as they’re not afraid to use colour and they like spaces with personality. My inspiration came from autumn colours, bringing warmth and textures with an elegant and timeless approach.

Would you base your overall design / styling around a specific kitchen handle or are handles an afterthought?

It depends, really. For the Belt Volcano Red handles used on this mood board, the colour palette had already been selected when this range was launched. When I presented the possibility of using these handles to the clients they absolutely loved the idea, as not only the colour but also the design suited the project perfectly. However, sometimes I can design a room having a pre-selected handle as reference.

Winning mood board

Render of Annerley project

Are all-white, handle-less kitchens a thing of the past? What coloured cabinetry is here to stay?

I personally never liked the all-white concept, as what I love is designing spaces with soul, and souls do have personality! Handles are not only a practical item that I like to use, but a significant part of the design that can bring a special touch to any room. With cabinetry colours, I believe when you have a strong concept behind any selected colour palette, when things make sense, that brings a timeless quality to any design.

When using this mood board to style a project, what do you see as being the most prominent feature?

Moodboards are the very first step that I take prior to designing anything. It’s a simple and yet very important starting point that showcases the concept behind what I am going to create. The most important thing on a moodboard to me is being able to read my clients’ unique dreams and personalities and then having the ability to translate this into colours, textures, style, etc. A good moodboard is the one where my clients can see themselves reflected on it.




What materials and finishes do you like to use in your kitchen designs? Is there a design feature you tend to use regularly?

Timber veneers and laminates are certainly my favourite finishes as they bring warmth to this space which is quite often the heart of the house. When budget allows I love using feature natural stones as to me they are nature’s art pieces.

Do you just advise on styles and how to achieve this or take control of the project styling right down to the products bought?

I am a control freak, haha! I love designing every detail on a project and do specify all finishes and fixtures to make sure that the final result will match mine and the clients’ expectations.



What are some Momo Handle ranges you are loving at the moment?

Momo's Belt is definitely one of my dear darlings lately… I’ve also used the Noma range throughout a whole new home on the Sunshine Coast as it doesn’t have sharp corners (a must for the safety of a retirement home).

Honestly, I love to play around with handle options. It adds more fun/interest to my designs.

Any upcoming projects featuring Momo Handles that we should look out for?

A costal style home renovation in Coolangatta with clients passionate about craftsmanship and bespoke design. I am using the Flexa and Ball range for that one.

Thank you to Rita for answering our questions and participating in our mood board competition. Find Rita at